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Creating A TikTok and YouTube Video for Personalised Christmas Gifts for Dogs

Oh my goodness, me and technology just don't go together!

I wanted to have a go at doing a TikTok video, about personalised Christmas gifts for dogs, but had no idea where to start so asked my 15 year old daughter to show me what to do. As we all know, kids today seem to know everything about these apps. 

The problem is I don't want to feature in these videos because I am not that photogenic and my daughter doesn't want to feature in them because it wouldn't be cool featuring in videos for mum's business.

So, thinking I would be clever, I decided to video the computer screen. At first, I thought this isn't too bad for our first attempt and said just publish it. As soon as it was published I knew it was a mistake.

After being a little disappointed with our TikTok, I thought I would have a go at making a YouTube video instead, but again I have never done anything like this before so it looked very amateurish.

So, in conclusion, we aren't very good at this yet but hopefully with a little practice we may get better. If not, I apologise to anyone who comes across these videos but we have no budget to allow us to get the professionals in!!    

To see any of the items featured in the videos please look in our Gifts for Pets

Personalised Christmas Gifts for Dogs

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